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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Joe Show 88 - #NaNoWriMo Mix 2

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Episode Eighty-Eight:

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It's National Novel Writing Month, and here is my second installment of music to write by. Last night I passed my total for the entire month of last year with 12,659 words. My novel is coming along very well with a story that I believe shows promise. You can follow my WriMo progress, as well as read the novel as it unfolds, by requesting access, then pointing your browser to NaNoWriMo Joe and subscribing.

Today's WriMo mix includes the following:

liveloop | interaction | podsafe music network

brad senne | into the moon | magnatune

rob costlow | meant to be | magnatune

ehren starks | sunset in pensacola | magnatune

jeff wahl | tristan and isolde | magnatune

john williams | old man rocking chair | magnatune

robert rich | points between | magnatune

mountain mirrors | praying mantis | magnatune

mike rayburn | iron ring | ioda promonet

jeff wahl | linus and lucy | magnatune

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