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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Editing the Draft Begins

Now that I have completed my first novel, 24 Hours With Spencer Field (just a working title, for now), I have pulled it from the web and have begun rereading and editing the first (very rough) draft into something that will hopefully be much more readable. I have also passed copies of the manuscript on to two trusted individuals to screen the work for me, and hope to be receiving their input soon.

I already have a plot forming for the sequel, as well as another totally unrelated (and of a different genre) book. The creative muse that was fostered through National Novel Writing Month hasn't stopped flowing, and I want to take advantage of the momentum while it lasts.

I will soon be preparing 24 Hours for publication and reviewing self-publishing options, and am open to any suggestions or input.

Stay tuned to NaNoWriMo Joe for updates.

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